Building Relevance at Handshake

This is the first in a series of posts about how Handshake uses data science and machine learning to help over a ...

Eng & Data


Creating an Inclusive Culture: Women at Handshake

 This is a truly exceptional moment in time to celebrate Women’s History Month. In the wake of the current #MeToo ...



Pair Programming at Handshake

What is Pair Programming? For those who may not be in the know, pair programming (AKA “pairing”) is simply two ...

Eng & Data


From Zero to A/B Testing

 Six months after I joined Handshake we launched our first iteration of our very own A/B testing framework. We had a ...

Eng & Data


Get Your Designs Roasted In The Open 🔥

Design Feedback: How getting “Lit Up” leads to enlightenment.



Building a Team is Building a Community

Last year, I was asked to lead Handshake’s University Support team. Transitioning into a support leadership role from a ...